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Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application Before completing this application, it is important to read the Procedures and Limitations on Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising. It can be
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: First 4 digits of the year: Second 4 digits of the year: The City and State/Province: Your place of residence: Phone #(s): What are you most passionate about: A good story or a fact? If it is a fact, what is your source? Describe the activities/activities that were done by the group in the past: Describe the activities/activities you plan on doing in the future: Describe activities/activities you are learning about: A list of your accomplishments during the past year is also required. Please complete the additional forms section of this application by hand, as we have a computer assist us. When I've received approval I need to go through the Eagle Scout Membership Application. I'll need: Eagle Scout Service Project ID (the ID number from your application) Name of the Eagle Scout Service Project (The ID number from your application) Eagle Scout Service Project Volunteer (The ID number from your application) Name of the Eagle Scout Service Project (The ID number from your application) Eagle Scout Service Project Sponsor (if listed on the application) (the ID number from your application) If you have additional information regarding your application, you may use it in addition to those provided here. Once I've received approval The Eagle Scout Service Project Committee will mail me a check for all of the items I listed in the application. If you're having trouble sending payment electronically, please visit our eCheck service. The Eagle Scout Service Project committee, of which you are a member, is responsible for coordinating all fundraising efforts by the Boy Scouts of America. When I've received approval The Eagle Scout Service Project Committee will approve my application for your Eagle Scout Service Project and send you the Eagle Scout Service Project Check within 4-6 weeks of approval. When you receive your check, please return it directly to the Eagle Scout Service Project committee to avoid any delays while it is processed, as we may have other priorities. The checks will be sent to the address you've entered when you applied. They will not be mailed to a different name. Eagle Scout Candidate The Eagle Scout Service Project Committee Boy Scouts Of the USA Attn: Eagle Scout Service Project Check<|endoftext|>The first ever live performance of "Rise of the Guardians" from the original cast of "The Lion King" by the original composer is taking place this week. The first performance will take place Sunday, October 11th. The event will take place at the Fox Film Studios in Hollywood, California.
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